Les Stroud Knife – How Does It Stack Up Against Bear Grylls Knife?

The new Les Stroud Ultimate Knife is the only knife that reviewers contend can become a direct and effective competitor to the popular Bear Grylls Knife series produced by Gerber. In partnership with Camillus Cutlery, the knife even at first glance looks well manufactured and has all the appearance of being able to live up to its purported uses, and the practical features have excited many knife enthusiasts in their uniqueness and thoughtful designs. Les Stroud has produced a number of tools with various manufacturers including the Helle Temagami knife with famed knife maker Helle and the Bushman’s axe manufactured by the 130 year old Sweden axe maker Wetterlings. Although there has certainly been buz about those items, none have compared to the relative chatter in the marketplace upon the release of the Camillus Les Stroud Knife line.

Blade: oem knife manufacturers

The Les Stroud Ultimate Knife blade is made from Titanium bonded 440 stainless steel, which is comparable to the 1095 carbon steel which is embraced by knife aficionados world wide. Unlike 1095 the blade has the additional advantage of having a very high resistance to stain and corrosion, furthermore aided by a non stick coating for easy cleaning when applicable. The very thoughtful round cutout on the spine is perfect for use with fire steel, whereas the tiny serrations will mute the argument against serrated knives in general. Paired against the Bear Grylls Knife the steel is much better, more durable and although Gerber offers a non serrated version of the Bear Grylls knife, in my opinion, the Camillus blade is still a better buy.


The green and grey combination is eye pleasing, but the useful feature is that the bright green makes the knife stand out even when set down on greenery, thus making it easier to find. The rubberized grip produces no hot spots and the hand instinctively knows exactly where to go.


Packed full of features, the sheath is what makes the Les Stroud Ultimate Knife truly stand out. The signaling mirror, which is rectangular in shape, is placed right in front of the sheath, making it easier to find the sheath, and when the mirror is lifted up, beneath is a handy storage pocket that can accommodate a para cord or a small map. To round things out, also included are a ceramic knife sharpener and a small flashlight.

The long wait is over as the Les Stroud Ultimate Knife is benefiting from all the knowledge and experience that its designer has gleaned throughout his travels and the rave reviews can only attest to its true value.

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